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A tailor-made medical coverage for your event

With several hundred events under its belt, Impact Santé + is THE reference for the medical surveillance of your congress, festival, tournament or any other type of event. Regardless of the size of your organization, we can provide a health safety and first aid services solution tailored to your needs.

A professional first aid service

Impact Santé+ sets itself apart from its competitors by the professionalism of its staff and the structure of its service offers. Each new or potential customer is treated with the same level of care to maintain steadfast quality standards throughout our organization and its services.

First, a project manager will meet with the organizers and promoters to analyze their needs and propose solutions that will meet their requirements both in terms of services and overall costs. A complete risk assessment is then made to ensure that the safety of the guests is covered from all angles.

A series of turnkey plans or "à la carte" services will be suggested, so that each organization, whether big or small,  will find a fitting solution.

Personalized Medical Coverage

Whether you are planning a local sporting event, a regional competition or a provincial tournament, we know that the safety of the athletes or of your prodigies is of utmost importance.

Unfortunately, the effort and commitment of athletes to their discipline can lead to incidents or accidents such as shortness of breath, strains, fractures, sprains or concussions that will require a quick intervention, whether the goal is to go back to the game, rest and recover or be transferred to a care facility. 

Impact Santé+‘s team of experts will take care of any injured person by providing him proper care, be it for a simple scratch or for a medical situation requiring a more complex intervention.

A medical team of professionals

Our team of first responders is composed of emergency responders, sports therapists, physiotherapists, paramedics, lifeguards, nurses, pharmacists, medical students, family physicians, emergency room physicians and emergency care instructors, to ensure a complete coverage.

This assortment of experts is the pride of our organization as it ranks us as the leader in the event-based medical services industry. Not only have each of our staff received advanced medical training in their respective field, they also share a commitment and, for many, an oath, to the safety and well-being of the public. In addition, all our clinical protocols are written and approved by our medical advisor, a seasoned emergency physician.


Our bespoke services include

Risk analysis for first emergency aid in event


Risk assessment of an event.

on-site mobile emergency first aid services for festivals, sporting events and congresses.


The setup of a mobile clinic on site.

event  first responders and emergency physicians, mobile clinics and all-terrain vehicles.


On site transportation (ATV, Car, Motorcycle or carts).

Team composed of emergency physicians, first responders, physiotherapists, paramedics, nurses, lifeguards, pharmacists and instructors.


Patrollers on foot or by bike.

MORE services+

Impact Santé+, has also been an emergency care training school for more than 20 years. We are a national teaching partner of the Canadian Red Cross and so we have trained tens of thousands of first aid workers in private groups, in the workplace and in hospitals.

Every year, top-tier companies such as Bell, CN, Air Canada, Radio-Canada, Molson-Coors, St. Lawrence Seaway and several CISSS and CIUSSS rely on Impact Santé+ for a wide variety of medical certifications. These services are offered in three training centers located in Montreal, Longueuil and Laval. They are also available on the go, everywhere in Quebec.

As a national partner of the Red Cross, the fundamental principles of our internationally recognized organization is at the core of our enterprise’s values; impartiality, unity, universality, neutrality, independence, humanity, and volunteering.

Professional Medical kit for events